Here we have the gorgeous and fiery Suzanne Spiegoski-Decamps, an amazing author - check out her spine tingling first book The Fisherman's Lily: A Novel By Suzanne Spiegoski, a talented photographer, figure skating extraordinaire, a German Shepard Mama to the fabulous Maq (@Maq_life on IG) and a beautiful friend. I have known Suzanne for almost 10 years and this is our first boudoir shoot together! I know! Shame on me! 

But let me tell you the wait was definitely worth it!! Below you'll find a little sneak peek into our gorgeous Sherman adventure!! 

It's such a wonderful experience photographing your friends and being able to capture those looks and gestures that make you think so fondly of them. Suzanne just blew me away with her ability to emote so beautifully! 


I will be running an exclusive "Sherman Special" coming up in August for a handful of lucky ladies! If you are a nature lover like I am, you will just swoon and fall in love with the glory of Sherman!! The house is set upon a mountainside surrounded by big lush trees (we love to call it the "Magical Faerie Tree House") and the porch overlooks the magnificent Candlewood Lake! 

I'm thinking a boudoir retreat for 6 lucky ladies to enjoy a full makeover, boudoir photoshoot in the woods or at the private freshwater spring down the street, and an amazing lunch and fancy cocktails to top it off! I will be releasing details soon but if you are interested please PM us or email us at! 

Now I know it's hot but get a little steamier with these stunning shots of Suzanne!! 

With Love & Gratitude, 

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Hello Lovies! 
I hope your spring has started out delightfully! I have been relishing in these snippets of warmth and sunshine! Summer is around the corner and I am so excited to shoot some gorgeous images outside! Before I start to daydream, I have an important reason for blogging today. It has come to my attention that April is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. This is an issue that has affected and continues to affect many women and men all over the world. 
Over the years here at YBC and in my personal life, I have met many women who have suffered at the hands of sexual abuse and the feelings of shame and low self worth they carry around has broken my heart a million times over. When women experience such traumatic events, it's hard for them to see how beautiful and worthy they really are. They are not "damaged" or "broken", they are fierce SURVIVORS! What these amazing women don't always see is that their abusers did not strip them of their beauty or sensuality. In fact, these women can wear a badge of honor for fighting to reclaim their spirit and live the life they were meant to live! 
So with the arrival of April, Yellow Brick Collective would like to offer all survivors a photo shoot to celebrate the goddess you are inside and out! Book in April and enjoy ZERO charge for your session fee (details below!) Also, if you know of someone who needs this or is perhaps too shy to take us up on this offer please send them our way! We strive to create a safe and wonderful place for women to express their beauty and sensuality without any fear! 
Ladies, you are all spectacular souls in this universe, don't ever forget that! And if you need reminding, we are always here! 
With Love & Endless Gratitude, 
Agnes & YBC

A HUGE thank you to incomparable Erika Gorman of Ivory Rose Boudoir for this wonderful idea and template!
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